Manufacture of architectural and gift scale models (maquettes)

Convenient to work with us, and order prints from any region.

And here's why:

1. Make a three-dimensional model of the future of the layout. Agree with You scale, type, topography and all the rest.

2. Can do and very rich gift finishing with oak carvings and easier, if it is inappropriate.

3. Successfully we work with any region of the country.

4. Use the import of the simulation materials and natural cover. "Water" pour a "grass" - "sow".

5. Know how to make glowing lights, and other design elements in strict accordance with the reality, as we do every object in a 3D model.

6. For the manufacture of the required minimum initial data.

7. We are cheaper. Because we have created and sell their own software for prototyping.

To instantly determine the approximate cost of works You can call by phone of a hot line

+7 920 734 38 67.

Or, send an email to the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Good enough for a beginning briefly figuratively describe what kind of layout You would like to order.

And already when we agree about the price, we will prepare the terms of reference and the contract at 40% to 50% prepayment.

Then proceed to the construction of the 3D model and the choice of the scale. Alignment of the finish.

Let's start work, and make qualitatively and in time.

And You with high quality still and substantially save your time and money.


Sincerely, the prototyping workshop LLC "LabPP.Ru".

Project the building has a number of complex structural elements, therefore the building is entrusted to an institution with a high level of competence.

In order to harmonize the production efforts of builders created budget layout of the building of complex configuration.

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