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A scale model is a type of products, buildings, structures, plant or complex objects.

The overall goal of prototyping is to help the imagination of the wider and clearer to imagine and remember the object of thinking for speculative operations.

Flat images and computer simulation created only by vague and transient impression. While a solid 3d layout, as part of the real world, creates a persistent image in the viewer's imagination, contemplation does not tire so all well remembered.

It is a solid 3d layout allows the viewer to get a better interaction with the mock object. The viewer is left with the layout one-on-one and gets the opportunity in more detail to see and focus on all the benefits of Your model.

Architectural exibition scale model hitech building (photo 2)
A scale model of the area of the city
Scale model (maquette) of the pig farm automatization
Maquette beautiful building's
A scale model of a residential district with an adjoining industrial base
Scale Model Rastorguevo Village
Maquette of the cottage village
Maquette of the greenhouse for exhibition
Scale model equipment
Maquette of the heating of a poultry farm for exhibition
Maquette of the cottage village
Maquette of the cottage village for exhibition
Scale model (maquette) of the pig farm automatization
Maquette of the cottage village
Maquette of the cottage village for exhibition
Maquette of sewage treatment pig farm plant to exhibition
The maquette of the greenhouse complex Agropark
Maquette of plant for gift
Maquette of the cottage village
Gift maquette of the pig farm
Maquette beautiful building's
Maquette beautiful building's
Gift maquette of the pig farm
Exhibition model building of the DK Rusakova (photo 18)
Maquette of the cottage village
Architectural exibition scale model hitech building (photo 16)
Maquette of the hydro sand-wash for exhibition
Scale model equipment
Maquette of the cottage village for exhibition
Maquette of the cottage village
Exhibition model building of the DK Rusakova (photo 10)
Maquette of the cottage village
Gift maquette of the pig farm
A scale model of a residential district with an adjoining industrial base
Maquette of the greenhouse for exhibition
Maquette of the heating of a poultry farm for exhibition

A scale model can be made of different materials - plastic, metal, wood.

It can be equipped with moving elements, electronic control, led lighting, remote control.

A scale model can be made in regular or premium performance. This can be finished with natural oak with a Golden trowel. Can be fitted with carved legs and other items to decorate the luxurious interior.

Produce prototypes in various conditions - in large industry in the garage or in the good workshops for the production of scale models.

It is clear that it is better to order a prototype in the workshop to their work are the most creatively and responsibly.

A scale model is not very cheap product. It is right therefore if You enter into formal agreement.

In the mock-up workshop LabPP.Ru the contract is for comfortable conditions 40-60% pre-payment.

To order a scale model in our workshop for early enough words to explain what You would like to receive.

Therefore, in the manufacture of the prototype not only takes into account all wishes, but is the optimal cost.

Depending on the purpose, each layout should work on it's own.

If You order a layout for sales office layout should attract attention and sell.

If the desired layout as a gift - the layout must impress the donee.

Therefore, depending on the layout specialists workshop Mattarozzi.RF focus attention and direct efforts to ensure that every ordered Macey was doing his job the best way.

Below are articles that are dedicated to the manufacture of models and what you need to pay attention when ordering scale model.

We wish You every success and prosperity.

Sincerely, the staff of the mock-up workshop MaketyRossii.RF


a scale model of the plant is certainly one of the most difficult subjects prototyping.

A distinctive feature scale models of houses is the presence and predominance of linear forms. This is usually a wall with Windows, not too intricate facade elements, roof and zaplanirovany exterior.

Moreover, modern architecture does not possess detailed moldings and therefore, scale model houses have their advantages, simplifying their manufacture.

While a scale model of the plant is composed of a large number of elements. And these items in most cases have a complex shape, which is dominated by a curved surface.

The creation of such figures in a scale model of the plant entails the use of more complex instruments, three-dimensional graphics.

The use of such tools (software) requires at least a higher level of professionalism from the staff.

Work on creating three-dimensional models on a scale model of the plant is significantly more time-consuming and requires much more time than the construction of conventional buildings.

Reproduction of parts of a scale model of the plant for three-dimensional models is a more complex process.

This requires a deeper knowledge and skills of the performers as well as more sophisticated equipment and more complex operations of its application.

a scale model of the plant typically contains elements such as pipes, ducts, and other linear elements of great length.

Forming such elements as a long pipe connected with the necessity of creating a space element with no curvature on a large interval.

In addition, if the pipe is bent, it must be bent according to the drawing, orthogonal to all directions. Particularly difficult is the situation when multiple curved pipes are close by.

If necessary, a scale model of the plant is equipped with moving elementary, led lighting and electronic control.

It is the complexity of making scale models of plants is stopping factor because of which most model shops or do not undertake production or demand exorbitant prices.

Unfortunately it also happens that inexperienced people suggest to make a scale model of the plant and can not cope with this difficult work.

Unlike regular workshops for the manufacture of models, mock-up workshop MaketyRossii.RF ( performs professionally layouts plants at the usual price.

This contributes to the enterprise professionals on a three-dimensional design. These are expensive and not available for other workshops experts involved in normal mode on the development of software and in the case of the layout of the plant are as performers.

This provides a significant advantage over conventional prototyping workshop.

Therefore, ordering in our workshop such a complex object as a scale model of the plant be satisfied and the price and quality.


The production of scale models is a time - consuming and rapid technological design process.

The work is given a limited amount of time. As a rule each of the prototypes differ from one another significantly. And use of information materials and templates from previous prototype except in a few isolated cases, impossible.

Therefore, a crucial role in the manufacture of play automation.

Software is one of the main automation that saves time making models. Moreover, in most cases, the manufacturer of scale models of buildings is impossible without the use of the software.

Some workshops for manufacturing scale models of buildings using custom or semi-custom software. This is because such software products most effectively perform tasks at all stages of preparation and processing of information in the framework of the technological process of manufacturing layouts.

Success in the market MaketyRossii.RF largely provides the use for the purposes of production layouts software system of its own design (from LabPP_Maket This software allows you to import and process the geometry of the various programs and provides a maximum degree of automation at all stages of manufacturing layouts.

Therefore, in the process of production of scale models of buildings prototyping workshop MaketyRossii.RF doesn't have to spend a lot of money on expensive third-party software manufacturers.

In this article, we give advice to budding designers on what to look for when choosing software at the initial stages of prototyping workshop.
Preparation of contour lines parts on the plane

Scale model consists of a huge number of parts that must be joined to each other as accurately as possible.

When this cut Windows in the walls of the future buildings consuming process. In order to reduce the cutting time is usually used automated equipment, such as cutting plotter, laser cutting machine or milling machine, CNC.

To set the cutting program, you must specify the external contours of parts and internal circuits of the cutouts in them.

To create, import from other programs, the preceding information processing and editing flat lines is the following:

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, NanoCAD (domestic production).

One of the nice editors is supplied with the equipment of cutting plotter package ArtCUT. This is a simple and very useful program.
Receiving lines outline details of the photo

To save time and not to draw a huge number of lines used tools vectorization of images.

There are many programs that do this quite well.

CorelDraw is one such means.
Obtaining three-dimensional models of buildings and General plan

For these purposes usually widely used 3DS MAX, ArchiCAD, Compass.

Traditionally, in the cases of engineering and design, better performance results can be obtained when using a full computer-aided design (CAD). ArchiCAD is such.

This program allows you to make horizontal and vertical cuts, all kinds of scanner, it has the ability to measure parts of the product.

The main drawback of this program is its high cost and the need to contain the specialist with deep knowledge of the program becomes popular in the field of architecture. I.e., these professionals usually quickly go from prototyping workshop on higher salary.
The design of the scale model

To construct a scale model widely primenyaetsa products Inventor, NanoCAD, SolidWorks.

However, for the price NanoCAD is preferable, because it is a product of the Russian production.


The best way of organizing production activities in manufacturing layouts is a Studio scale models.

Required attribute is the website where you can order the production of the layout (for example

Today's workshop prototype is usually a small organization consisting of a diverse professionally trained staff that is modern equipment, office equipment and premises.

The modern world provides a wide variety of technologies and production methods.

The production of prototypes, mock-up workshop MaketyRossii.RF, as well as any other production process, characterized by several indicators.

Models must be ordered either as a series of batch of the same product), or one instance.

Gift a scale model of the rocket or podarocnaja model drilling rig oil workers usually must be ordered in large quantities.

In this case, the complexity of manufacturing each layout makes sense to optimize. The greater part of routine operations in the manufacture of the layout will be minimized through the medium of technological preparation of production. Namely due to appliances, automation, application templates and process maps.

In this case, the production layout assumes the character of small-scale production.

However, in most cases, the layout of the residential complex, the layout of the plant, the layout of the cottage settlement order in a single instance.

In this work the fabrication layouts acquires the character of a single production with high complexity of the product.
Type of production organization

Thus in the manufacture of models of the production process requires and production-technological and creative approach.

So the best way of organizing productive activity is a mock-up workshop.
Layout workshop

To succeed in making beautiful layouts, it is necessary that the collective model workshop had the following qualities:

1. the presence of experts in 3d modeling.

2. the presence of specialists in production technology.

3. the team mock-up workshop should be small (3-5 people) for operational work on the layout.

4. the mock-up workshop should be placed in a small warm dry light room.

5. the workshop must have machine tools and automated equipment to perform all operations of the production cycle. This is necessary to timely make, amend, to recover details of the layout and, more importantly, to experiment on possible ways to make them.

6. the presence of specialists or call specialists in repair of equipment (including machines with CPU, computer technology and 3d printers).

7. the presence of estimate and contract groups (or people who have abilities in addition to making layouts in the layout of the Studio more and enter into contracts).

8. availability of accounting group (payroll, taxes, etc).

9. there should be a website mock-up workshop, for example, www.МакетыРоссии.РФ that would reflect all the information about the workshop, including a wide portfolio and contact information.

10. invalid, javljaetsja problems in the workplace. This is especially important, because every person in the layout of the Studio is responsible for his / her own work and on the run time of the next layout without having to disrupt the timing is essential.

11. all members of the labor collective model workshop must have current knowledge and skills, because of the higher competition in the field of manufacturing layouts makes this work is dependent on the relevance of methods and processes.

12. the ability to quickly and correctly identify the complexity of the manufacturing layout.

Model workshop Mattarozzi.Russia places high demands on its employees.

The small group workshop has a high cohesion, professionalism and creativity.

Each work is perceived as a way to Express themselves and to get the best result in order to fill up a large portfolio of another beautiful layout to bring his creativity as much as possible customers for making layouts.

The specialists of our model workshop have experience in research and development activities in the defense industry.

Laboratory and production base is located outside the bounds expensive in the Moscow region. Therefore, a small salary costs can not only efficiently and inexpensively produce layouts, but also our little workshop lists orphanage for children left without parental care.

Welcome to our prototype workshop MaketyRossii.RF (


The quality of the result depends on the accuracy of the task.

However, when the order of a scale model, the person is often not easy to decide immediately what and how must be done by the contractor, to get the result that I would like to get.

As a result, is actually the effect on the imagination and feelings of the people, which is oriented layout.

And in order to realize this best way, requires experience and knowledge of human psychology.

Besides turning into a workshop for the manufacture of large-scale models, as to any other contractor, the customer is afraid to get into a situation where he may be imposed not adequate implementation of his plan, and implementation that best meets the plans, capabilities and features pricing model workshop.

In this article we will give a small amount of background information to the customer, if he has no experience, was able to more confidently address in the mock-up workshop to order a scale model.
1. If the scale model is required as a gift.

It is very important, where will be awarded a gift, to whom and under what circumstances.

If the layout is supposed to be present at the celebration of the human hand in hand, you should ensure that the scale model was not too heavy and bulky.

Charming gift scale model usually has a size HH mm need to be concerned about the fact that if the model is equipped with lighting, this lighting should work at the time of donation from the batteries.

Here it is important that all power shop scale model was reflected in a photograph taken at the time of delivery.

Finishing scale models made of oak will make the gift extra elegance.

The following photo shows the gift layout, finished in natural oak with the effect of aging and gold grout. The layout of the slurry in the workshop of Mattarozzi.Of the Russian Federation.


пример подарочного макета, отделанного натуральным дубом

And if the donee is a senior person or a rich person, then most likely he already has the things that have significant value and appearance. However, from my experience I can say that giving them such a status symbol, as a drop of the model, but still otdeleny natural oak, donee usually chooses for him a special place, Vidnoye.

This means that efforts to create a pleasant gift and the givers will be achieved in the best way.

If a scale model is expected to give not out of hand, but the place of delivery is the location of the donee, it is necessary to consider how after celebrations layout will be moved to it.

It is important that the size of the scale model was not wider doorways, and better to fit in a transport that can be controlled on its own. In other words, it is better that the layout was taken on their own than inexperienced movers on Tresca Gazelle.

However, it should be noted that the decision on the order of a scale model as a gift is one of the best solutions for celebrations.
2. If the scale model is required for exhibition

The first thing to consider is convenience for transportation of the scale model on the show.

Restriction on the size of the model will be such factors as the size of the Luggage in the plane, the size of the trunk in the car, the usual size of the areas, commissioned for the exhibition.

Of course, all of the above gets the value at the respective different situations circumstances.

For example, if the scale model is required for operational demonstrations and designed for frequent visits to exhibitions with the participation of a minimum number of people, then fit a small compact layout, made on the principle of "all in one".

The photograph shows one embodiment of such a large-scale model that is made in the mock-up workshop Mattarozzi.Of the Russian Federation.


Выставочный макет для быстрой транспортировки и демонстрации

This scale model is equipped with a portable lockable cases, which is simultaneously the table for scale models.

Inside the case during transport are the legs. They are easily inserted into the corresponding recesses and secured them with screws with the "sheep" so that from the moment of delivery of a scale model in place of the demonstration and to the demonstration takes place no more than five minutes.

Moreover, there is no need to look for an outlet and fiddle with the wires. Because the layout can be powered by batteries.

Large-scale model also features a remote control.

Clicking on the image, you can move to the section of our website to further familiarize yourself with the features of this scale model.

It is important to bear in mind that you need not to make mistakes when choosing such a quality production of a scale model, as the attractiveness and realism.

Judge for yourself, rasive people would consider a scale model if there are a couple of cubes and balls made of foam instead of trees?

How, then, can uninteresting scale model to attract interest in what it reflects?

Of course, no.

Here, as in painting.

To attract the attention of a large-scale model should be beautiful. Beautiful buildings should be beautiful layout as well as the elements of nature must captivate the eye.


Макет театра Романа Виктюка с красивыми деревьями

As a good work of art, just beautiful layout can truly fulfill the tasks which it has spawned.

Namely, the gift of the layout as I wanted, will enchant the donee and selling the model is not empty sham, and will sell.

This photo shows the layout of the building surrounded by realistic trees, which are manufactured in the workshop of Mattarozzi.Of the Russian Federation.

Thus, to order a layout, and be sure that it is the optimal solution cost and design, you only need a little to think, to create for themselves the questions. Then simply contact the experts of our model workshop.

We will find You the best solution based on Your gains and goals.

And find together with You the optimal size of the scale model and the best option for its equipment.


Sincerely, the staff of the workshop for making scale models of Mattarozzi.Of the Russian Federation.



There are a number of criteria that determines the complexity of manufacturing scale models.
One of the significant factors is the presence of a mock building curvilinear forms.
The reconstruction of such forms begins with the manufacture of three-dimensional computer model.
To recreate the shape of a curved wall, is usually sufficient to reproduce the curve, set the ground plane (usually horizontal plane), to pull the curve up and to give it thickness in accordance with the scale.
However, this is an example of the most simple curved surfaces.
The monuments belonging to different styles (e.g. constructivism), are characterized in the basis of not only the horizontal plane.
The note in the space of surfaces, which are located in planes located at different angles to each other is one of the most time-consuming operations.
And it is not under the force of representatives of the regular layout of the workshops, who work mainly with parallel-perpendicular modern buildings korostelina cost-effective architecture.
The first thing facing the contractor complicated layout is constructing three-dimensional computer model.
It is not enough to reduce three orthogonal projections.
You need to spend time and to use the experience to build complex geometric shapes.
Moreover, these figures must take into account the possibility of their reproduction by means of a material of a certain thickness in the real world.
That is, you must at least own a scan tool complex three-dimensional shapes on a plane.
The second problem in the manufacture of the layout of a complex historical architecture is the need for precise alignment of parts and restore the position of the Assembly in space. Otherwise, the entire layout will be sloppy or frankly crooked.
Here come to the aid of a professional device, laser marking, as well as the experience of re-engineering (building the model from the back).
Because no matter how you try to make an accurate computer model, it still is mathematical.
When implementing this model in reality come into force various physical phenomena, characteristics of the material, and the Assembly sequence.
Each of these factors brings his error.
Thus each layout of the building with a complex historical architecture is a subject that is created to some extent also by construction.
This view of the layout gives the correct picture when assessing the situation, when a group of inexperienced designers brings your customer on time and quality. Initially to assess the complexity of manufacturing and even more to make a model with complex architecture can be done only by an experienced professional.
However, the treatment of customers by inexperienced or unscrupulous manufacturers layouts are not uncommon.
The reason for this easy opportunity for Amateurs to enjoy the fruits of someone's labor for placement on their websites as a portfolio.
The customer sees a beautiful picture of the layout and intuitive trust the site where this fotografia is located. However, it turns out that the manufacturer is not provided expertise for the implementation of such a project.

One of the workshops, are able to produce models of special complexity, is a mock workshop Mattarozzi.Of the Russian Federation.
On our website we post pictures, watermarked. This ensures our customers the confidence that these sample layouts made in our workshop.


The investor is primarily a people. However, a difficult person.

Usually large investor spoiled different kinds of products. He simply put there is no place.

And to come up with something that really would be a desirable and charming gift is difficult.

New expensive TV or other object super modern home appliances is unlikely on a large investor will make any kind of impression.

The gift should be such that the produced quivering impression on others.

One of the products, which on the one hand emphasize the status of the person, and on the other hand give this person the feeling of owning something major without explanation, is a reduced copy of that big, in which he invested money.

Thus a scale model of anything:

a scale model of the factory, farm, large-scale production, facilities, equipment, etc. is one of the best gifts for the investor.

Because these products are themselves a symbol of the status of the owner.

The layout is not only pleasant to the eye of the visitor, it says that the owner of the layout received in due time expensive custom-made product.

It is especially important that the layout was fine.

This gift layout investor can be ordered on the website www.МакетыРоссии.РФ. Layouts made in our model workshop in addition to the quality of other positive characteristics are highly realistic.

When creating layouts, layout specialists workshop Mattarozzi.The Russian Federation do not simply reduced copy of the object, and give it a decent way to high aesthetic perception.


Currently a huge number of sites telling about the mock-up workshops, where you can enjoy a scale model.

It would seem that the competition is doing its job, should increase quality, decrease cost scale model as an object of production.

This article deals with the disclosure of the reasons for the customer instead of improving their situation, only on the order often faced with the problem of choosing a capable Studio scale models.

And actually search the contractor's layout for the customer becomes a serious selection among dumping unsubstantiated promotional offers.

Often large-scale model is ordered, to be paid where there is cheaper and in the end perezakladyvatsja in another workshop at the expense of time and cost.

The fact that in the period informatsioonogo boom a huge number of sites (and on the Internet every day, according to statistics comes around 900 thousand !) in order to sell information to generate countless so-called business ideas.

One of these business ideas, which at first glance can bring easy money is to manufacture scale models.

The creation of such a myth promoted by a number of factors.

In the first place. Creating a site that tells the story of the mock-up workshop. Now create a site for anyone who wants will cost a maximum of $ 10,000.

Creating a portfolio will not be difficult, because on the Internet a huge number of "not signed" images layouts strangers workshops, often foreign. A huge number of photos of scale models is freely available in the Internet. They are easy to modify, make a montage and put it on your website, claiming it as their work.

At the same time to catch the attacker is extremely difficult.

A proven way to identify the authenticity of the works in the portfolio on the website is the obligatory presence of a watermark on all the photos of scale models.

Secondly to advertise the site is now not difficult. Yandex direct and Google Arwords provide free assistance in setting up contextual advertising.

You will only need to pay for clicks and website offering manufacturing scale model will be on view driving while existing model shop.

In third. To arrange a mock Studio, you really require minimum investments. However, as the enterprise there is a "turnover" and the mock-up business workshops are born and die by the hundreds.

It is one thing to organize and get one order and another thing to develop, and even simply to exist in conditions of severe competition. It can withstand vsilu most model shops who grew up on a wave of prototyping as a business idea.

A proven way to determine the current model production is the availability of updates in the portfolio and the emergence of new large-scale models.

To order a scale model should:

1. To select more than capable mock-up of workshops for the characteristics described above.

2. More or less clearly articulate its mission to manufacture scale model. The size, purpose, requirements for lighting and detail.

3. To conclude a contract for production of a scale model. To discuss delivery.


To make a scale model of their hands, it is better to use PVC plastic.

This material has a thickness of 1 mm, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 10 mm.

If you need to get a thicker part, plastic glued together.

Detail a scale model of plastic PVC sticks easily to any conventional glue for plastics.

First we need to decompose the future prototype into its constituent parts, which can then be cut from plastic PVC of different thickness.

Create a file in CorelDRAW with the contours of these items, place them in a file separately in thickness in different places or circle frame.

Send to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and our experts will help You to cut the plastic on the size of Your pieces.

So You can save money and time for manufacturing thesis layout the layout of the course work or other large-scale models.

Podmenik can also order in our workshop. The cost of the simple podmetina - 600 rubles per square meter.

Of plastic we can for You to cut parts for scale models with sizes ranging from 2x2 mm to h mm.

So You will only have to glue the furniture to scale model, ladders, various designs and buildings.

Shipping cut parts layout takes little time and is carried out in any region.

Cost cutting small parts of plastic PVC from 5000 rubles for all the work.

The exact amount is determined if there is a file with the contours of the parts.

Thus the workshop Mattarozzi.RF can produce parts for Your layouts cutting from your own PVC plastic.

Call: +7-920-734-38-67


Historically, the manufacture of architectural scale model of the future apartment building object was associated with the need for representation on various committees in order to take a decision from the point of view of the external appearance of the city.

Today, with high dynamics and significantly increased quality requirements development for decision-making requires a huge amount of development variants. Moreover, during the discussion and approval of the project is undergoing so much change that the production of a scale model and its modifications are not feasible in comparison with the presentation of projects in 3d.

A new trend in housing construction was the construction of multi-family residential complexes. It's good attracts buyers of apartments.

Usually the residential complex has its own name and this name investors well remember the benefits associated with properities apartments.

To effectively demonstrate the benefits of development and to improve sales it is better to order a scale model of a residential complex.

This will enable prospective purchasers to have an idea of how well you will live.

The layout of the residential complex immediately shows the layout of the kindergarten, the layout of the Parking lot with cars, the layout of the Playground, the layout of the school, the layout of the store and entertainment center.

Also on the layout shows the layout of ponds with beaches and layouts sports facilities such as tennis courts, football and volleyball courts.



/TSImages/TSMyImagesTable/maket_prodayet_doma/s/maket_kottedjnogo_poselka_KPD_foto_na_bannere_1_s.jpg /TSImages/TSMyImagesTable/maket_prodayet_doma/s/maket_kottedjnogo_poselka_KPD_foto_na_bannere_2_s.jpg /TSImages/TSMyImagesTable/maket_prodayet_doma/s/maket_kottedjnogo_poselka_KPD_foto_na_bannere_3_s.jpg

Today to order a scale model of the building are increasingly trying workshop MaketyRossii.RF is not the purpose of project development and to better attract buyers of apartments in the projected residential complex.

Because the layout which is reduced by a sample of the future building in the best way affects the person's imagination. Forms in it positive emotions and allows you to form an idea of the presence of the buyer on the layout. Imagination peculiar to draw a picture of the view from the window, etc.

Therefore, the main purpose of the architectural scale model today is to use it as a promotional tool.

Today it is the architectural layout becomes a Central place to showcase the external expression of a high level of construction, quality of life.

So how will look like a scale model of the building, how beautifully from will show all the benefits of future development directly depends on the commercial success of the construction as a whole.

Many investment companies, real estate developers, manufacturing, construction corporations and real estate companies tend to order beautiful attractive layouts.

It is believed that the more picturesque layout, the better it is able to increase the flow of customers and to excite the interest of investors.

When participating in various exhibitions the layout ensures greater number of visitors to the stand. Known fact is that one stranded at the booth man greatly attracts the interest of other visitors, and so I stand with a beautiful layout a hectic flurry of activity.

Many construction companies use layouts to attract investors directly at the construction site.

For example, a photo of a scale model, made at the factory MaketyRossii.RF adorns the entrance of the cottage village "North".

Of course the cost of the picturesque layout is more expensive than ordering the usual layout of plastic or Styrofoam.

Because the cost of manufacturing architectural layout largely depends on its level of complexity (façade, roof, addition of architectural details, moldings, small architectural forms, realism lawns, ponds, fountains, etc).

However, if the layout of the book is not in Moscow and to choose a suitable model workshop in the region, such a beautiful layout book will be much easier and more profitable.

Exhibition model building of the DK Rusakova (photo 5)
Scale model of the temple of the Nativity of the MostHoly mother of God in the Kursk Root Hermitage
Maquette of the cottage village
scale model of the pond showes different depths
Maquette of the cottage village
Maquette beautiful building's

Scale model of complex waste processing factory Lesaffre Voronegskiye yeast (photo 11)
Maquette of the cottage village for exhibition

Scale model of complex waste processing factory Lesaffre Voronegskiye yeast (photo 12)
Exhibition model building of the DK Rusakova (photo 7)
A scale model of the area of the city
Scale model equipment
The maquette of the greenhouse complex Agropark

Scale model of complex waste processing factory Lesaffre Voronegskiye yeast (photo 1)
Gift maquette of the pig farm
Exhibition model building of the DK Rusakova (photo 10)
The maquette of the greenhouse complex Agropark
Gift scale model of a House in the village
Gift scale model, illuminated and decorated with natural materials
Макет коттеджа с подсветкой
Lamps on the farm layout are made according to the drawings of the manufacturer

The temple on mountains Vorobevyh - miraculously survived during the years of Soviet power




Manufacture scale model includes a number of interrelated organizational and technological processes.

It is only at first glance work on making a scale model seems easy and relaxed.

Actually this is a serious production process. Moreover, this process occurs in a strict time frame.

Not all manufacturers of scale models can fully responsible for the assumed obligations to the customer.

To perform the work required not only design and production , but also a creative force.

In modern conditions, for timely and quality production it is necessary to optimize the work at each stage.

Therefore, to control the production of modern architectural scale models must be used in addition to management practices in manufacturing enterprises, ways to manage creative teams.

Turning over the manufacture scale model, the customer is often not clearly realize your own vision. Therefore, to do the work, you must help him to delve into the matter and give the opportunity to get a better idea of how to look like a scale model of what it will show and what you need to focus.

This will depend on the volume, nature of work and the plan for engagement of personnel and equipment.

One of the proven tools is the methodology of structural analysis based on the IDEF0 diagrams.

This mechanism allows one side of the best way to understand and direct the request of the customer and on the other hand make it possible to adequately decomposed the process of creating the future layout.

Next comes the process of optimization models. And based on it happens calendar and resource planning.

Since the time of Peter the great in Russia, a method of planning on the basis of Gantt charts.

This relatively simple tool gives excellent results, because, in turn, requires considerable effort for her to use.

It is no secret that the use of any element of automation requires additional load. And inept use of such tools or the wrong choice leads to a situation where the service tool requires more effort than the value of the result of its application.

The main difficulty arising from the use of Gantt charts is the correct decomposition of work into components. Because each layout is unique, the product and process of making it too is largely unique, even given the same processes. After all, they are applied in different orders on a particular construct.

However, if we have an IDEF0 model, which reflects a set of functions, starting materials and conditions to perform these functions, as well as performers, equipment, and results of each function, making the layout is already possible to pass on to the plane of the calendar and resource planning.

The main stages of manufacture of one of the scale models in the form of a Gantt chart presented in Fig.

The use of Gantt charts provides a significant advantage in planning. This is particularly beneficial when large-scale production of several models simultaneously.

This approach to project management at the enterprise MaketyRossii.RF gives the ability to effectively plan and interlinked related processes, so the cost of manufacturing scale models decreases with increasing load production.

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