a scale model of the plant is certainly one of the most difficult subjects prototyping.

A distinctive feature scale models of houses is the presence and predominance of linear forms. This is usually a wall with Windows, not too intricate facade elements, roof and zaplanirovany exterior.

Moreover, modern architecture does not possess detailed moldings and therefore, scale model houses have their advantages, simplifying their manufacture.

While a scale model of the plant is composed of a large number of elements. And these items in most cases have a complex shape, which is dominated by a curved surface.

The creation of such figures in a scale model of the plant entails the use of more complex instruments, three-dimensional graphics.

The use of such tools (software) requires at least a higher level of professionalism from the staff.

Work on creating three-dimensional models on a scale model of the plant is significantly more time-consuming and requires much more time than the construction of conventional buildings.

Reproduction of parts of a scale model of the plant for three-dimensional models is a more complex process.

This requires a deeper knowledge and skills of the performers as well as more sophisticated equipment and more complex operations of its application.

a scale model of the plant typically contains elements such as pipes, ducts, and other linear elements of great length.

Forming such elements as a long pipe connected with the necessity of creating a space element with no curvature on a large interval.

In addition, if the pipe is bent, it must be bent according to the drawing, orthogonal to all directions. Particularly difficult is the situation when multiple curved pipes are close by.

If necessary, a scale model of the plant is equipped with moving elementary, led lighting and electronic control.

It is the complexity of making scale models of plants is stopping factor because of which most model shops or do not undertake production or demand exorbitant prices.

Unfortunately it also happens that inexperienced people suggest to make a scale model of the plant and can not cope with this difficult work.

Unlike regular workshops for the manufacture of models, mock-up workshop MaketyRossii.RF (www.labpp.ru) performs professionally layouts plants at the usual price.

This contributes to the enterprise professionals on a three-dimensional design. These are expensive and not available for other workshops experts involved in normal mode on the development of software and in the case of the layout of the plant are as performers.

This provides a significant advantage over conventional prototyping workshop.

Therefore, ordering in our workshop such a complex object as a scale model of the plant be satisfied and the price and quality.