The best way of organizing production activities in manufacturing layouts is a Studio scale models.

Required attribute is the website where you can order the production of the layout (for example

Today's workshop prototype is usually a small organization consisting of a diverse professionally trained staff that is modern equipment, office equipment and premises.

The modern world provides a wide variety of technologies and production methods.

The production of prototypes, mock-up workshop MaketyRossii.RF, as well as any other production process, characterized by several indicators.

Models must be ordered either as a series of batch of the same product), or one instance.

Gift a scale model of the rocket or podarocnaja model drilling rig oil workers usually must be ordered in large quantities.

In this case, the complexity of manufacturing each layout makes sense to optimize. The greater part of routine operations in the manufacture of the layout will be minimized through the medium of technological preparation of production. Namely due to appliances, automation, application templates and process maps.

In this case, the production layout assumes the character of small-scale production.

However, in most cases, the layout of the residential complex, the layout of the plant, the layout of the cottage settlement order in a single instance.

In this work the fabrication layouts acquires the character of a single production with high complexity of the product.
Type of production organization

Thus in the manufacture of models of the production process requires and production-technological and creative approach.

So the best way of organizing productive activity is a mock-up workshop.
Layout workshop

To succeed in making beautiful layouts, it is necessary that the collective model workshop had the following qualities:

1. the presence of experts in 3d modeling.

2. the presence of specialists in production technology.

3. the team mock-up workshop should be small (3-5 people) for operational work on the layout.

4. the mock-up workshop should be placed in a small warm dry light room.

5. the workshop must have machine tools and automated equipment to perform all operations of the production cycle. This is necessary to timely make, amend, to recover details of the layout and, more importantly, to experiment on possible ways to make them.

6. the presence of specialists or call specialists in repair of equipment (including machines with CPU, computer technology and 3d printers).

7. the presence of estimate and contract groups (or people who have abilities in addition to making layouts in the layout of the Studio more and enter into contracts).

8. availability of accounting group (payroll, taxes, etc).

9. there should be a website mock-up workshop, for example, www.МакетыРоссии.РФ that would reflect all the information about the workshop, including a wide portfolio and contact information.

10. invalid, javljaetsja problems in the workplace. This is especially important, because every person in the layout of the Studio is responsible for his / her own work and on the run time of the next layout without having to disrupt the timing is essential.

11. all members of the labor collective model workshop must have current knowledge and skills, because of the higher competition in the field of manufacturing layouts makes this work is dependent on the relevance of methods and processes.

12. the ability to quickly and correctly identify the complexity of the manufacturing layout.

Model workshop Mattarozzi.Russia places high demands on its employees.

The small group workshop has a high cohesion, professionalism and creativity.

Each work is perceived as a way to Express themselves and to get the best result in order to fill up a large portfolio of another beautiful layout to bring his creativity as much as possible customers for making layouts.

The specialists of our model workshop have experience in research and development activities in the defense industry.

Laboratory and production base is located outside the bounds expensive in the Moscow region. Therefore, a small salary costs can not only efficiently and inexpensively produce layouts, but also our little workshop lists orphanage for children left without parental care.

Welcome to our prototype workshop MaketyRossii.RF (