There are a number of criteria that determines the complexity of manufacturing scale models.
One of the significant factors is the presence of a mock building curvilinear forms.
The reconstruction of such forms begins with the manufacture of three-dimensional computer model.
To recreate the shape of a curved wall, is usually sufficient to reproduce the curve, set the ground plane (usually horizontal plane), to pull the curve up and to give it thickness in accordance with the scale.
However, this is an example of the most simple curved surfaces.
The monuments belonging to different styles (e.g. constructivism), are characterized in the basis of not only the horizontal plane.
The note in the space of surfaces, which are located in planes located at different angles to each other is one of the most time-consuming operations.
And it is not under the force of representatives of the regular layout of the workshops, who work mainly with parallel-perpendicular modern buildings korostelina cost-effective architecture.
The first thing facing the contractor complicated layout is constructing three-dimensional computer model.
It is not enough to reduce three orthogonal projections.
You need to spend time and to use the experience to build complex geometric shapes.
Moreover, these figures must take into account the possibility of their reproduction by means of a material of a certain thickness in the real world.
That is, you must at least own a scan tool complex three-dimensional shapes on a plane.
The second problem in the manufacture of the layout of a complex historical architecture is the need for precise alignment of parts and restore the position of the Assembly in space. Otherwise, the entire layout will be sloppy or frankly crooked.
Here come to the aid of a professional device, laser marking, as well as the experience of re-engineering (building the model from the back).
Because no matter how you try to make an accurate computer model, it still is mathematical.
When implementing this model in reality come into force various physical phenomena, characteristics of the material, and the Assembly sequence.
Each of these factors brings his error.
Thus each layout of the building with a complex historical architecture is a subject that is created to some extent also by construction.
This view of the layout gives the correct picture when assessing the situation, when a group of inexperienced designers brings your customer on time and quality. Initially to assess the complexity of manufacturing and even more to make a model with complex architecture can be done only by an experienced professional.
However, the treatment of customers by inexperienced or unscrupulous manufacturers layouts are not uncommon.
The reason for this easy opportunity for Amateurs to enjoy the fruits of someone's labor for placement on their websites as a portfolio.
The customer sees a beautiful picture of the layout and intuitive trust the site where this fotografia is located. However, it turns out that the manufacturer is not provided expertise for the implementation of such a project.

One of the workshops, are able to produce models of special complexity, is a mock workshop Mattarozzi.Of the Russian Federation.
On our website we post pictures, watermarked. This ensures our customers the confidence that these sample layouts made in our workshop.