The investor is primarily a people. However, a difficult person.

Usually large investor spoiled different kinds of products. He simply put there is no place.

And to come up with something that really would be a desirable and charming gift is difficult.

New expensive TV or other object super modern home appliances is unlikely on a large investor will make any kind of impression.

The gift should be such that the produced quivering impression on others.

One of the products, which on the one hand emphasize the status of the person, and on the other hand give this person the feeling of owning something major without explanation, is a reduced copy of that big, in which he invested money.

Thus a scale model of anything:

a scale model of the factory, farm, large-scale production, facilities, equipment, etc. is one of the best gifts for the investor.

Because these products are themselves a symbol of the status of the owner.

The layout is not only pleasant to the eye of the visitor, it says that the owner of the layout received in due time expensive custom-made product.

It is especially important that the layout was fine.

This gift layout investor can be ordered on the website www.МакетыРоссии.РФ. Layouts made in our model workshop in addition to the quality of other positive characteristics are highly realistic.

When creating layouts, layout specialists workshop Mattarozzi.The Russian Federation do not simply reduced copy of the object, and give it a decent way to high aesthetic perception.