To make a scale model of their hands, it is better to use PVC plastic.

This material has a thickness of 1 mm, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 10 mm.

If you need to get a thicker part, plastic glued together.

Detail a scale model of plastic PVC sticks easily to any conventional glue for plastics.

First we need to decompose the future prototype into its constituent parts, which can then be cut from plastic PVC of different thickness.

Create a file in CorelDRAW with the contours of these items, place them in a file separately in thickness in different places or circle frame.

Send to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and our experts will help You to cut the plastic on the size of Your pieces.

So You can save money and time for manufacturing thesis layout the layout of the course work or other large-scale models.

Podmenik can also order in our workshop. The cost of the simple podmetina - 600 rubles per square meter.

Of plastic we can for You to cut parts for scale models with sizes ranging from 2x2 mm to h mm.

So You will only have to glue the furniture to scale model, ladders, various designs and buildings.

Shipping cut parts layout takes little time and is carried out in any region.

Cost cutting small parts of plastic PVC from 5000 rubles for all the work.

The exact amount is determined if there is a file with the contours of the parts.

Thus the workshop Mattarozzi.RF can produce parts for Your layouts cutting from your own PVC plastic.

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