In the past the mock-up workshop worked in a supporting role in the architectural office.

Not accidentally, many architects the old fashioned way are designers with a great deal of indulgence.

However, in today's world of high competition, nothing can compare with the layout on the degree of impact on the human imagination.

Changed the role of scale model buildings.

If earlier model workshop made a scale model exclusively for the realization of the ambitions of the architects and layouts were made mostly of Styrofoam and cardboard, today the layout required for new vital goals.

First mock-up workshop should be able to meet the investment layout.

It is made to raise money for the construction. The objective of such a large-scale model is to create the illusion that all buildings and structures already built.

Model workshop Mattarozzi.The Russian Federation fulfills the following layouts with special care, often on the layout there are elements of landscape design, water features, green spaces.

This scale model is required to Wake up in the imagination of the presentation must be wonderful to live in such a wonderful place.

If the model technology is the main goal to focus the viewers attention on the main features of this project.

Here in the course are the best materials, led lights, and a well-planned system switchover.

To survive the fierce competition of modern mock-up workshop should be equipped with the latest technology.

So workshop MaketyRossii.RF works on the basis of LLC "Laboratory of Spatial Design" - one of the developers of software add-ons for modern systems 3d modeling. So the mock-up workshop has not only production, but also an impressive laboratory facilities for research in the field of creation of simulation models, technological innovation, exploration and development of its own new methods of prototyping.

Therefore, the layouts are the way to best way to solve the problems posed by the customer.