The information provided here is not a direct reflection of economic activity prototyping workshop Mattarozzi.Of the Russian Federation.

Here is shown the difficulties that have been overcome with time, solving the optimization process of the production of scale models.

The data can be useful for start-UPS in the production of scale models to get a real view of activity in this area.

The chart presents the total costs of resources in the real business plan in the manufacture of large-scale models.

The business plan making scale models.

Today on the Internet you can find a lot of business plans on making layouts.

Unfortunately, in the vast majority, these business plans are created by Amateurs for the purpose of attracting more readers to your site, or to sell drivel for the money.

In fact in the theory of the organization of production in the manufacture of large-scale models are classic and unusual details.

A classic is something that can teach a teacher who has the ability to teach, i.e., the person with pedagogical skills.

But the real strategic media skills is a master. Unlike the teacher, the master instead of the ability to teach has the skills they need to succeed. I.e. to teach the real master will not.

Therefore, the organization of production layouts should be noted that all information publicly available is incomplete.

Most often, this information is created by a person who is not possessing the knowledge and skills of the wizard tries to impress his own importance. He only participated in the stages of some processes, and these processes were posted on the Internet. It is easy to learn to stick or cut. But it's all the level of the third class class work.

Yes, the techniques of gluing, cutting parts are an integral part of the manufacturing process layouts.

However, as mathematicians would say, it is a necessary but insufficient condition for the organization of production.

So guy Kawasaki in his work on startups perfectly describes the main mistake beginners "businessmen" who take money in the debt or loan, arrangement of space, buy equipment, advertise and only then realize that the money would not come to him as a conveyor belt. In the usual case, these costs are not commensurate with future income. This leads to debt, and the collapse has not yet started production.

If you have understood how to do the layout from the Internet, then it means that ALL OTHERS already understand how to do the layout.

And absolutely it is important to understand that those who are already working in this market, make it faster or better. So that others behind them are not kept.

Imagine yourself on the autobahn with the scooter. It looks like the owner of a 3d printer before modern company producing layouts.

For example, in the mock-up workshop Mattarozzi.The Russian Federation uses its own technology calendar and resource planning is integrated with a method of structural-functional analysis (IDEF0 diagrams and Gantt chart) . This integrated system has a scientific basis and proven effective application when planning in the workforce have simultaneously the characteristics of creative and production data.

And this is not the only successful solution LLC "Laboratory of Spatial Design, which provides a significant advantage in the market of production layouts.

On the Internet many beautiful stories about the magical abilities of 3d printer - but this is nothing but a ploy equipment vendors.

Website development costs 10 000 rubles. Equipment worth hundreds of thousands. It is difficult if the seller of the equipment to create multiple sites on the supposedly existing company manufacturer of layouts that are great make use of their 3d printers?

So imagine that you buy a scooter in the hope to keep up with the company, which has planes.

This organization of production begins not with the technology, but with the economy.

So the first thing you should understand about the whole spectrum of works included in the model business process printing.

Below is compiled such a list.

1. Advertising, search orders, payments, terms of reference, contract accounting.

The fact is that when the number of firms on the market of production layouts, few customers will pay money to a private entity.

You need a legal entity, the ability to organize the advertising budget to be able to develop the terms of reference, to draw up a contract and bookkeeping.

Most firms customers require copies of financial statements, certified by the tax inspection and statutory documents.

The calculations have to constantly have to cost the layout does not outweigh the amount of the contract, including taxes, and other possible future contingencies for manufacturing.

Total listed costs for these works amount to about 27% (i.e., one third of all the activities you will find orders and counting).

2. Design and 3D modeling of parts of the layout, the use of automation.

If You think that You will get the advantage if you know how to use 3d max or something like that, you have to Wake up.

The magical world of printing has long been impossible without automation. And it hardened survivors in the competition, the inhabitants have long been highly skillful computer programs, 2d, and 3d printers, cutting plotters, and God knows what kind of equipment, but at the same time as Alice in Wonderland - they have to run just to keep up and to remain at least at the place.

Because the layout is unique technological product and should be done in a few days, so that even negotiations with helpers is a luxury.

In General, emotional and physiological burden on the soul of the party process, production layouts like biathlon. All run on time, loads of crazy, one slip + ten laps. To replace an employee not just anyone. Because people, in principle, capable of performing such work in such a variety of specialties and with this level of professionalism is not there. They usually demand a much more lucrative and less demanding activities.

And for such sum and on such conditions it is possible to employ only a beginner and learn the most. And this years.

Costs are also about 27%.

3. Purchase of materials

Made of dyed sawdust and foam mock-up workshop can't do layouts.

Firstly because the customer, with the words "I saw it differently", will require the money back, sue and will ruin the penalties.

Secondly, if you do cheap production layouts will not be able to contain any of specialists and working even the head is not enough for taxes and food.

Thirdly, it will make a portfolio so disgusting that customers will all continue to work around your site a party, and advertising will not attract and repel.

So you need to buy best quality imitation materials and to use them more carefully.

The cost of materials is about 32%.

4. The costs of the use, repair and maintenance, software configuration

To a 3d printer was printing he needs to set the program to charge a consumable material, to monitor the process.

This is the cost of using this equipment.

If you read not only enthusiastic calls of vendors and the feedback from real users, the 3d printer needs cleaning, adjustment, lubrication.

In the event of a failure (which is unfortunately not uncommon), go out of order in the best case, easily replaceable parts that you can buy and replace myself.

Otherwise you will need expensive repairs.

The computers also come, infected by viruses, software management equipment requires adjustment, checking to avoid errors.

Otherwise - again, failure, failure, failure time.

Equipment costs make up about 16%.

5. The actual manufacturing layout in nature

Here you can specify yourself as an advantage to be able to glue the parts.

However, in addition: manufacturer podmenik, Plexiglas boxes, shipping boxes, causing the terrain, her Majesty electronics and much much more.

And all this at you, just 9% of all expenses. I.e. only 9% of the resources (labor, time, money and so forth.) you have available to spend on actually making a layout.

How to allocate more resources?

Easily have more clients. To get more customers to spend more on point 1. by cutting spending on other items. Sit down to think about how to do this once will do the layout.

A squirrel in a wheel.

And why do you think big business is not in production layouts?