The modern development of the means of production creates the false impression that the manufacture mastabah models is something of a game.

In the Internet you can find a huge number of fake business plans, wonderful stories and other fictions about the ease of use of the equipment. And allegedly with the help of this equipment as if by magic one button born scale models of buildings and structures.

In fact, the production of scale models is a complex design and technological process in which the participation of specialists of different professions.

False information about the ease of achieving success with the help of certain equipment fetus manufacturers of this equipment.

And it is because of this false representation goes by the wayside, most importantly the complexity of the production of scale models.

One person can do the work of 8 to 12 man hours in one day.

Underlying the complexity scale model is in the General case 2000 labor times. Thus to perform a scale model in a month you need to learn from 8-12, and 80-100 hours a day. Ie 10 times more.

Manufacturers grief business plans do not take into account that every person engaged in the modern production of scale models is already running more than two or three colleagues.

This is due to the high competence in the use of automation.

Virtuosity with a computer, printers, cutting plotters, machine tools, 3d printers, the modern technology of machining and 3d modeling are the components, which are indispensable for the effective application of expert on the team producing the architectural scale model.

Otherwise, the following occurs.

People are deceived information. Namely:

1. Banks advertise loans... - take out a loan. Other people's money, spent easily.

2. The Internet screams - we will create a website and promote it to the top... - man website orders and pays for SEO. Not knowing the Ford spent so much money that simply can not be earned if the customer will come immediately.

3. The Internet screams - order equipment... we have a person buys equipment for the production of scale models. But to produce a scale model should be able to use this equipment, this equipment shall be suitable, effective, require little time for repairs and maintenance, to have cheap consumables and finally to do exactly what will be needed. But usually the first thing you cannot do is to load the equipment. Who's going to do 3d models for this equipment? The production model is the same man-hours. Either by yourself or need to hire an expensive and often capricious specialist.

Another fact - book on the side to make 3d models can also be work. It is necessary to define a problem, to give the drawings to negotiate the price to pay for the work, to take the job... All this man-hours.

4. The customer turned... - you need to calculate the labor costs for manufacturing specific unique products. It too work. The complexity of exact calculation of the cost of the layout from a professional economist, secured the necessary tools - is not one hour. And for what money to feed such a specialist? Next is to enter into a contract, an invoice, accept payment, order and pay for the materials. etc.

This list is long.

However, the conclusion from this is obvious. To order any scale model must take into account that on the market there are too many people who are unable to perform this time-consuming job. And before turning to those who promise to produce an architectural model for a penny, it is better to err and to call in a professional Studio, with a solid portfolio with photos of scale models do not pull off from other sites, and is marked with its own watermarks.

Despite the seeming ease of manufacture scale models is a really complex design and engineering challenge, in which one of the main roles is the economic component.

It is an integrated approach to the activities of the enterprise, the creation of a creative team, able to act quickly and smoothly to fulfill orders accurately and on time, to the model workshop MaketyRossii.RF main focus.

3D printer by itself cannot provide advantages in the production of scale models . Without a strong team of skilled hands and heads is just a toy for printing unnecessary 3d meshes from the Internet.