Дизайнерские настенные часы с механизмом Hermle
Дорогие настенные часы с механизмом Hermle
Настенные часы с механизмом Hermle с золотой мозаикой
Настенные интерьерные часы

Wall clocks are made from high quality natural materials.

The mechanism known German company Hermle has a quiet and safe operation.

The dial is made of fused glass Spectrum brands (USA).

The figures are fused with 23-carat gold leaf known firm Noris (Germany).

The basis watch is made from natural wood. Suspension - metallic cable.

Size h mm.

Around the dial is lined with Golden mosaic.

Watch look great in the interior and are made within a few weeks only to order.

However, for urgent purchase we reserve one instance.

The cost of manufacturing hours

  550 USD.

Delivered to any region of the Russian Federation.

To place an order or ask a question, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To better see the advantages of this product, we offer You a beautiful short video.