Manufacture scale model includes a number of interrelated organizational and technological processes.

It is only at first glance work on making a scale model seems easy and relaxed.

Actually this is a serious production process. Moreover, this process occurs in a strict time frame.

Not all manufacturers of scale models can fully responsible for the assumed obligations to the customer.

To perform the work required not only design and production , but also a creative force.

In modern conditions, for timely and quality production it is necessary to optimize the work at each stage.

Therefore, to control the production of modern architectural scale models must be used in addition to management practices in manufacturing enterprises, ways to manage creative teams.

Turning over the manufacture scale model, the customer is often not clearly realize your own vision. Therefore, to do the work, you must help him to delve into the matter and give the opportunity to get a better idea of how to look like a scale model of what it will show and what you need to focus.

This will depend on the volume, nature of work and the plan for engagement of personnel and equipment.

One of the proven tools is the methodology of structural analysis based on the IDEF0 diagrams.

This mechanism allows one side of the best way to understand and direct the request of the customer and on the other hand make it possible to adequately decomposed the process of creating the future layout.

Next comes the process of optimization models. And based on it happens calendar and resource planning.

Since the time of Peter the great in Russia, a method of planning on the basis of Gantt charts.

This relatively simple tool gives excellent results, because, in turn, requires considerable effort for her to use.

It is no secret that the use of any element of automation requires additional load. And inept use of such tools or the wrong choice leads to a situation where the service tool requires more effort than the value of the result of its application.

The main difficulty arising from the use of Gantt charts is the correct decomposition of work into components. Because each layout is unique, the product and process of making it too is largely unique, even given the same processes. After all, they are applied in different orders on a particular construct.

However, if we have an IDEF0 model, which reflects a set of functions, starting materials and conditions to perform these functions, as well as performers, equipment, and results of each function, making the layout is already possible to pass on to the plane of the calendar and resource planning.

The main stages of manufacture of one of the scale models in the form of a Gantt chart presented in Fig.

The use of Gantt charts provides a significant advantage in planning. This is particularly beneficial when large-scale production of several models simultaneously.

This approach to project management at the enterprise MaketyRossii.RF gives the ability to effectively plan and interlinked related processes, so the cost of manufacturing scale models decreases with increasing load production.