Recently there has been a steady trend of the order of layouts not in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in the regions.

There are several reasons.
In Moscow, the price of manufacturing layouts 20-30% more expensive than in the regions, because the salary of Muscovites much higher

Manufacturing layout, this is not a game, but a serious production activities.

For making a good layout requires high-quality imported materials and qualified personnel.

It used high quality materials to get you were only in Moscow. Now they are available over the Internet in any other city in the same way. In addition, many bought directly from abroad.

But salaries in Moscow in three to four times more. Therefore, in order to attract a good specialist manufacturer of layouts should spend much more money than the same manufacturer in any other region of the country.

In the regions often make the layout better than in Moscow, because in that region the best professionals agree to work for less money.

To give a lower price, in Moscow prototyping workshops are forced to reduce the salaries of their employees. While skilled professionals do not want to work for less money and go into other areas of activity.

The manufacture of models is a complex process which requires high qualification. Needless to say that good specialists of this sector are willing to offer a job in other industries. And the firm manufacturing layouts in Moscow constantly experiencing problems with employee turnover and the need for their learning. This is often referred to on forums and social networks.

Unlike Moscow, regional firm for the same money making layouts work best qualified staff. This is often representatives, past school work in the defence institutions and industries. They are familiar with vysokoeffektivnyi technologies and are able to apply for as many modern technological equipment and design tools (CAD/astpp) which many Metropolitan manufacturers do not even guess.

It should be noted another trend. To the price of the layout remained acceptable, capital producers layouts are forced to use cheaper materials. Therefore, in contrast to Moscow, where most of the money spent on the salary of their employees, regional producers layouts often and easy to use high quality imported imitation materials. Therefore, even budget models look realistic, picturesque and attractive.

Delivery in Moscow and delivery from any region was much the same. Shipping cost from Kursk in Sterlitamak is only 800 rubles.

Shipping cost from any city in the Russian Federation today is a completely reasonable money. Quality work professional transport companies is higher than the work of couriers in Moscow.

The confidence of clients in delicate packing, reliable transportation layouts, careful unloading and unloading - today it is a significant plus in regional manufacturers layouts.

When this layout will be Packed in doll and another top will be an additional crate.
Thanks to the Internet to place orders and monitor production in the region is even simpler than in Moscow.

To place an order for the manufacture of models necessary drawings, pictures, sketches, and descriptions of various kinds. However now it is not necessary to come to the office, to be exempt Manager and then to sit with him for a whole day only to find out exorbitant cost of manufacturing layout in Moscow. Besides, not spoiled regional manufacturer models more awe and respect to their customers than the capital producers.

Now it is enough to call a regional manufacturer of layouts and send all required documents by e-mail. Thus, usually, regional manufacturers are much less demanding in the quality and quantity of the source data. Due to high qualification, they require a much smaller list of source data.

Thanks to the development of digital photography the customer and the contractor can easily share information directly with their jobs. So it does not matter whether You layout in Moscow or in another region of the country, because You see your layout even without having to spend valuable time on the departure of the employee.

Thus, to order a scale model, not in Moscow and in the regions of the Russian Federation largely appropriate.