Gift model in the scale of 1:75

Finishing - natural oak-an array.

Illumination along the perimeter and night illumination of the Temple.

Exact match the original.

Applied manually coating on the layout reliably convey the true qualities of the original.

The Church of the Holy Trinity on the Sparrow hills miraculously survived in the Soviet years.

Term of construction - 30 calendar days.

Jewelry study of details.

The Scale model of the Trinity Church on Sparrow hills in Moscow

The scale model of the temple is on the Sparrow hills. The historical center of Moscow
Church on Sparrow hills

Gift scale model Church on Sparrow hills

Elite present scale model of the Temple on mountains Vorobevyh

Vip gift with natural oak finish
Gift scale model, illuminated and decorated with natural materials

The temple on mountains Vorobevyh - miraculously survived during the years of Soviet power