We - vykokotehnologichnaya company with good laboratory facilities and its own work the software and make sure that our customers do not spend extra money.

Therefore, the cost of the architectural layout - from 5,000 rubles, depending on complexity.

Time frame layout - from 2 days.

Even the photographs or verbal description can be built for you layout. Because first, we construct three-dimensional computer model and sends it in the form of images from different angles to you for approval.

Possible to produce LED backlight, simulations of water and natural phenomena, the installation of cameras at the sites layout (eg on a moving locomotive).

Materials - high quality cast plastic, wood, polystyrene, glass, natural materials are specially stabilized wildlife on German technologies and materials - simulators.

Used in the manufacture of precision equipment and software to create a realistic and complete the appropriate size.

Please apply to the manager of the clusters modeling . It will be the terms of reference, a standard contract and send you for approval.

You can pick it yourself, or we'll send you his transport company.

Work begins when you receive a 40% prepayment. The rest - after the approval of your results and the signing of the Acceptance of work performed.

During the work, we will send you a photo reports on which you can have an idea of future results and timely adjustments to the details.

Each customer receives a gift is one of the excellent jewelry an established jointly with the Italian specialists, our own production (Glass Art Intuition).