LLC "Tochinvest" produces metal structures with hot galvanizing for the manufacture of various structures.
One of the profitable uses of these structures are the structures on the farm.
These are seniks, mini-farms, ovcharni, various canopies, etc.
Also, the company produces lampposts, ladders, drinking bowls for cattle, mesh for chickens, stall enclosures for cows, fencing for sheep, etc.
All this is shown on the layout.
At the entrance to the farm there is a ladder to inspect the cargo transport from above.
To the right of the entrance is a large and comfortable canopy. Under the canopy, materials and auxiliary equipment of the farm are stored.
The same canopy serves as a parking place for automotive and tractor equipment.
A large sheepfold for keeping sheep with drinkers and fences.
Two mini-farms - one for cows, equipped with stabling fencing, the other for birds - is equipped with nets for birds.
Sennik is a large covered shed for hay.

The layout is made in scale 1: 100.
Realistic animals, tractors, hay, etc.
All equipment, including lanterns - exactly correspond to the manufacturer's drawings (LLC "Tochinvest").
The buildings are partially exposed to show the presence of structural metal beams and insulation.
Paths, sidewalks, curbs.
The layout is equipped with a transparent protective dome.

In photos, you can estimate the quality of this farm layout.

Animals on the farm maquette
Sheeps in bariers on sheepcote, and drinking bowl
Sheepfold, poultry farm, cowshed and haymaking are shown on the mock farm with animals and hay
On the farm layout is shown a house
On the farm layout is shown a haymaker with imitation hay
Model of a tractor with a trolley
Grass on a farm layout
Lamps on the farm layout are made according to the drawings of the manufacturer
The model of the farm contains a central lawn
Fences on the mock-up of the farm are made in accordance with the manufacturer's drawings
The central flowerbed on the farm layout shows trees and bushes
The farm layout shows a walkway
The model of the farm and the layout of the road were ordered in equal sizes
The breadboard model of the road and the farm layout are made in realistic form

You can order such a breadboard model of the farm in our workshop Layouts of Russia.