The ship "Bella" ("BELLA"), it's "Miami" ("MIAMI").Макет корабля-ресторана
On three floors are the halls of the restaurant.
Through the large windows the lazy entourage is looked through.
Sofas, chairs, armchairs, flowers on tables and in flowerpots on the floor.
The decks are finished with wood.
On the upper deck there is a hall with double light and a captain's cabin.
Decorative white fences around the decks are edged with a bright red stripe.

It was very nice to make a mockup of this beautiful ship. And we are grateful to the customer for the opportunity.

The scale of the model is 1:40.
The size is 1.5 meters.
On the decks of the ship-restaurant - natural wood (oak).
The bottom is polished.
Screws, mooring equipment.
Transparent windows.
The internal surroundings correspond to the existing interior.
The base of the model is finished with a natural tree with golden trowel.