Country club "ArtiLand" offers to relax from the city bustle in an atmosphere of peace, fresh air and health.
"ArtiLand" is located in the suburbs, 12 km along the Gorky Highway, in Balashikha.
A beautiful place, with a European style in combination with Moscow's Russian nature.
For the exposition in the interior of the club and at exhibitions, in the workshop of LayetsRussia.RF was ordered a picturesque layout with elements of landscape design.
The model shows a pond with small houses where visitors can spend time for fishing.
There are two beautifully arranged areas for marrying out.
Restaurant, hotel, stables, guest houses, baths, various buildings and other objects.
The mock-up imitates an active fountain with illumination and lots of greenery.
As the initial data, the customer was able to provide only the territory plan, photo and video materials.
In addition, data from space, aerial photography and photographs of visitors from Internet resources were used.
According to the customer all the objects on the layout are recreated in accordance with the original.
The layout is made on a non-standard scale for placement on a 2 x 2 meter pallet.
Detailing is average.
The layout consists of two parts. Equipped with chrome removable legs.
If desired, it is possible to install in a horizontal position with a wall mount.

The photos show different types of this picturesque layout.

scale model of the pondwith a fountain
scale model of the pond
scale model of the wedding area
creating the scale model by photos
Hi realishic trees in the scale model
The road surface on the scale model is made in the style of wet asphalt
scale model of the pond showes different depths
scale model of the central part of the club ArtiLend
The model of complex buildings is built on photographs and corresponds to reality
Beautiful maquette of the territory with landscape design
A model of a pond with fishing lodges
scale model with realistic lighting
Club ArtiLend in the scale model