The hypermarket chain "Lenta" is one of the most conscientious and worthy organizations operating in Russia and abroad.
For the construction of shops, the network chooses a convenient location for customers.
It is important that the construction takes into account the wishes of residents, and measures are taken to improve the urban infrastructure.

The mock-up of the Layout of Russia.RF was ordered a mock-up of one of these stores with the adjacent territory. The traffic situation with traffic jams before the construction of the Lenta mock-up store shows what a positive effect this construction will have on the existing situation.
In the part of greening - is the planting of many additional trees and ornamental shrubs
. Дорожная ситуация с пробками до строительства магазина Лента

In terms of improving the road situation - it's a convenient denouement and free parking. Now in this area there are significant difficulties for the movement of vehicles (see the photo on the right). With the advent of the store, there will be no such traffic jams.
In the part of additional amenities of the residents of surrounding houses - a large playground with a lot of entertainment places for children and adults in the shade of green spaces.

The layout is made in scale 1: 235.
All objects and machines have been specially designed for this scale.
Materials - high-quality plastic (USA), highly realistic materials and coatings (Germany).
The road surface is made in the "wet asphalt" technique.
Dimensions of the model - 1000x950 mm.
The layout shows a hypermarket "Lenta", a road junction, green spaces, small architectural forms.
The accent is made on the objects under construction.
Also on the mock-up there are existing residential buildings, a gas station and a car wash.

The photos show different types of this picturesque layout.

Supermarket supermarket Lenta with parking and territory
Realistic asphalt on the maquette
A picturesque layout can be ordered in the maquette workshop
Model of the road junction near the store
The maquette shows parking with markings
Maquette with sidewalks and curbs
Model of the territory with trees
Model shop made a mock store
On the made mock-up the emphasis is placed on the shop under construction
The layout shows a children's playground
On the supermarket model a filling station is shown
Modeling workshop makes realistic layouts
In the mock-shop it is possible to order such a parking layout
You can order a model with cars

We were especially pleased to make this layout, because We, as buyers, often and with pleasure use the services of shops of the network "Lenta".