The invariably high quality of coffee, an amazing variety of varieties and consumer care - this is how coffee is produced by the Finnish company Paulig around the world.
We have the honor to make a model of one of the Paulig factories for the presentation to the owner as a gift at a festive event in Finland.
Order a gift maquette

The scale of the layout is chosen for the best presentation within the optimal size - 1: 800.
All components of the layout, including vehicles, are manufactured in exact accordance with this scale.
Therefore, the layout attracts the eye and fascinates with its realism.
Natural oak (grade 0) with professional finish is used in the base of the gift mock-up.
This gives an additional appeal and a kind of expensive product worthy of presentation for the most refined taste.
The layout is made of high quality materials.
Cast and sheet plastic (USA), highly realistic imitation materials and coatings (Germany) make the model picturesque, attractive, interesting for contemplation.
The model is equipped with a dome made of transparent plexiglas.

The layout shows the Paulig plant in Russia.
On the adjacent territory there are roads with curbs, sidewalks, parking lot, trees, bushes and lawns.
Around the plant, the machines are depicted in the places of loading and unloading and on their way to and from them.
This creates the effect of the action on the layout.

Among the flags at the entrance are the flag of the Russian Federation and the Finnish flag as a symbol of mutually beneficial cooperation and good-neighborliness.

We were very pleased to do this work for such a respected customer, to whom we wish success and all prosperity.

The photos show different types of this gift maquette.


Gift Scale Model (maquette) of the Paulig manufacture
Manufacturing Gift Scale Model (maquette)
Gift for Anniversary Celebration
Gift for Investor
Gift Scale Model (maquette) - good gift to construction customer
Oak finish on Gift Scale Model (maquette)
All components of the Gift Scale Model (maquette) are created on the one scale