Для привлечения денегPendant-a talisman is made in the form of stylized palette of the artist.
In the center of the mascot - the character for "Money" - one of the most popular characters in Feng Shui.
Unlike the hieroglyph "Wealth", it attracts money energy and everything to do with money. Contributes to the formation of multiple sources of income. Money will make the artist's free creativity.
Natural pink oak, inlaid with natural high-quality artistic stained glass.
The mascots include items that bring happiness, luck, wealth ,love, health.
Modern creative person often has a much higher qualification, compared to his colleagues who lived in the past.
However, tough competition with a lot of "hyped" names led to the fact that the way talent is extraordinary effort.
Made of durable natural materials, this talisman will help to attract the attention of buyers to the works of the creative personality and help keep composure on the road to deserved fame and respect.
Great gift artists and representatives of all creative professions.

Price of the talisman - 1 500 rubls.
To order please call 8-920-734-38-67 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it